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What Makes Us Brisbane's Best Real Estate Agents

Why Choose Harden Property When Selling Your Home?

1. Our Guarantee - No Risk

We offer our clients a unique Guarantee. This Guarantee covers our service to you, most other agents hide behind iron clad contracts that lock you in even if you aren't happy. All we ask is in the unlikely event you are unhappy that you speak with us and give us the opportunity to rectify any issues.

2. S.M.A.R.T. Marketing

Using our S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Strategies to target the Best Buyers for your Property and tailoring the Marketing Strategy to your Property. This includes access to an extensive database of Buyers, Local Buyer Search and Social Media Marketing in addition to more Traditional Marketing Techniques.

3. Highly Skilled Negotiators - Getting YOU the Most Money in YOUR Pocket

The reason you hire a Real Estate Agent is for their Marketing and Negotiation Skill. Our Team are Highly Skilled Negotiators, extensively trained to Negotiate the Best Sale Price for your Property resulting with more Money in YOUR Pocket!

4. Eye-Catching Signage

Having a "For Sale" sign out the front of your house is like having a 24/7 salesperson sitting outside your door. You may be surprised to learn in this digital age, as much as 20% of Buyer Enquiry is derived from Signage.

5. Open 7 Days 

It amazes us that other agents do not open on Sundays, close at noon on Saturdays and don't have an after hours Enquiry Service. Often Buyers have time to search for their New Home on weekends and after business hours. We feel it is imperative that your house is on the market and available at all times.

6. Private Inspections

We provide Private Buyer Inspections and Qualify our Buyers before taking them through your home. This avoids "sticky beaks", buyers who cannot afford your home and those who have no interest in purchasing it. Only Genuine Buyers with the means and interest to Purchase. We ensure the Private Inspection times work in with you. 

7. Communication

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients who have sold in the past is that their Agent didn't communicate with them. They weren't kept up to date with what was going on. We believe you should be kept apprised at all times, from inspection and feedback right through the sales process to completion of the contract. You deserve to know what is happening at all times.

8. Teamwork

A Team of trained and dedicated salespeople working to sell your property for the Highest Price. Many Real Estate Agents list your property and only they are able to sell your property, this means if they have a day off, your property has a day of, if they are off sick, your property is off sick, if they are on holiday, your property is on holiday and so on. We have an effective team constantly marketing and speaking with Buyers about your property and receiving relevant feedback. 

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